Pete Shepherd

Life is very complex and challenging with experiences sometimes leaving us feeling lost and overwhelmed not knowing where to turn. Counselling can provide the place and the space to explore your inner world and to work towards a more wholesome and holistic sense of yourself. I believe counselling provides opportunities to change, opportunites that begin with intial steps of courage into an adventure of exploration, awareness and personal transformation.. And it’s an adventure I would like the privilege of sharing with you.
As an integrative counsellor I have a person-centered approach and want to welcome and accept you as the unique person you are.  During our time together I will draw on a range of different counselling resources to enable you to do the work you wish to do. Each session will be your dedicated time where I will help you explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences as you journey to the place within yourself where you wish to be. 
Our initial session will be a free consultation for us to meet, and for you to get a sense of me and the way we will work together.  Its vitally important you feel comfortable in our working so during this session we will look at the things we will need to create a counselling relationship together.